Best Toaster Buying Guide

Best Toaster Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like the crispy buttered bread in the breakfast? But to make perfect toast every morning you need to select the good quality and best-featured toaster in your budget. There are various types of toasters available in the market. So we are discussing here on best toaster buying guide.

The most used types are two-slice toasters and four-slice toasters, this type depends on the workspace in your kitchen and even it needs to be your budget friendly. Before heading into any conclusion let us first know about the types of toasters available in the market.

Types of Toasters available in the Market – Toaster Buying Guide:

There are mainly three types of toasters which we will get to know better before selecting one of them as our kitchen appliances.

  1. Pop-Up Toasters:

best pop up toasters 2018

This is the basic type of toaster and the majority of the kitchens are having this type of toasters. Put the bread slices at the top through the slots, the coils inside it will toast the bread and make it crispy and after it’s done the bread will pop up through the slots of the toaster as the spring is loaded in the toaster.

This is the most common types of toaster you will see in most of the houses and probably your house is also having this type of toasters.

  1. Conveyor Belt Toasters:

commercial conveyor toaster

These type of toasters are mainly used in the bakeries and other fast food centers. We need to place the bread at the top of the conveyor belt which gets out at the bottom and drops at the feeder below it after its fully toasted.

This type of toasters are really expensive and can only be used for commercial purposes unless your budget is high enough for this type of toasters.

  1. Toaster Ovens:

best Toaster Ovens

This is basically a smaller version of the microwave in form of toaster oven. This not only limited to toast bread or bagels, but you can also even make some simple dishes with it like, butter cookies, baked eggs etc. basically it can toast along with bake stuff.

It is having a tempered glass door which is used to conserve a large number of temperatures.

Basic points to think before considering to buy a Toaster:

Toasters come with various features and it only fulfills the needs depending on the customers. These are the points to consider before buying any toaster.

  1. Slot Numbers:

Slots numbers mean the available areas where you can toast the slices of bread. Basically, there are two and four slice slots available in the toasters. But there is also a 6 slot option which is a little bit expensive compared to these two.

Check that the slots are wide and long enough for toasting different types of bread, as not all bread are having same size or types.

  1. Automatic Controlling Toaster:

Automatic Controlling of the toaster is the feature when the bread slices pop up when the bread is toasted. And toaster also switches off after the bread pops up, some toasters are only having a button to do so. And no lever pulling required after the toast is done and wait for the toast to be done.

  1. Browning Features:

Several toasters have heating option controlling levels to get the bread toasted on various types. You can control whether you want it Light gold, Sunburnt or soft to be jammed.

It would be great to control your browning levels of the bread as different persons are having a different choice, some like golden and crispy some like soft and have it with the jam.

  1. Crumb Tray Features:

This feature is available for most toasters available in the market. This tray holds on the bread crumbs which gets lost in the toaster while toasting. Those who don’t like breadcrumbs this is the best feature for them.

  1. The body of the Toaster:

Good quality toaster with good quality body offers durable toaster which gives a good longevity of the appliance. There are two types of toasters body available in the market, one is plastic bodied and another one is metal bodied.

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Obviously, the metal one is best for the durability and will last longer due to good quality and they don’t heat up faster like the plastic one which might end up burning your toast.

Extra Features to keep in mind which might help you choose a Best Toaster:

Everyone loves to have extra features in their appliances, so does the toasters. These extra features might ease your decision while choosing a toaster.

  1. Defrost and Reheating Feature:

Those who freeze bread will definitely need this feature, this feature warms up the bread slices before toasting it. This is a great feature to have in the toasters.

  1. High Lifting Feature:

This feature is best for toasting small sized bread as this will help you to retrieve the bread without burning your hand, you can lift the bread carriage tray higher and get the job done.

  1. Progress Indicating Feature:

Many toasters come with progress indicator which indicates the time left for toasting bread in a digital screen. Many models show the progress in time like in seconds left to be the toast ready.

  1. Cancel Feature:

This feature is one of the most wanted features in the toaster. This feature is helpful when you see you change your mind on changing the toasting type of the bread from golden and crispy to light golden. Cancel button cancels the toasting instantly and pops out the bread in the very condition.


We have researched and made this guide to help you while choosing toasters to buy according to your needs. Toasters types will fulfill your needs according to your usage, like if you want it to use it for domestic or commercial purposes. There are various features available according to price and brand, choose whichever suits you better.


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