The Best Toasters 2019 That Money Can Buy

The Best Toasters 2019 That Money Can Buy

A toaster is a highly preferred and convenient kitchen appliance designed especially for toasting bread quickly. The unique functionality and matchless design of this appliance make it a best friend for people who have limited time to prepare their breakfast.

It is important to know that your breakfast is an essential meal of your day, so you should not skip it. The best toasters of 2019 is an essential application which is used for your daily breakfast needs.

The great functionality and compact size are attractive features of these home appliances that grab the attention of many officer goers and other individuals towards.

Choosing the suitable toaster reviews 2018 is not a simple job, because now they come in numerous designs, sizes, and styles. To eliminate the difficulties, this post shares you a list of highly exclusive best toasters.

It is recommended to check the key features, durability, size and efficient before choosing anyone. The smart considerations will ensure that you invest in the Best Toaster.

How To Use A Toaster?

Everyone wants to have a toast and not the long shot in the morning. We all love the stuff that is highly cheap and convenient part for the best healthy breakfast.

You could be astonished how the small Toasters are making the instant solution for your diet. Major Kitchen Appliances such as the cookers, ovens, and microwaves would definitely make you to pretty anything.

The toaster machine is highly efficient for creating the toast in the kitchen. Honestly, Toaster doesn’t seem to work the way that you think as there are lots of processes involved in it.

Choosing the Best Toaster would be a great option that lets you to easily get the absolute work done for toasting instantly without any hassle.

Toaster ovens bring the unique option to toast many numbers of delicious foods. Toaster ovens are used for treating the bread as well as cook food more efficiently.

The Toaster ovens also have the specific function along with the unique direction so that it is important to use the device with the safe procedure.

  • Plug in the toaster
  • Place your toaster oven on the desired setting
  • Check to use defrost or broil method
  • Check the temperature knob
  • Put bread in the slots
  • Choose your preferred number of heated slots
  • Turn on the nozzle
  • Turn timer – No 2 for starting point
  • The timer does not work without being plugged so don’t get confused
  • Use lever for the lower toast down in the toaster
  • Use the lever to bring the toast up when you want more heat

Some foods need to be considered for the fire hazard so that it is important to use only the appropriate best toasters.

Depending on the toaster and ingredients that you use, it is important to use the discretion. In fact, you need to always use caution while using the toaster for anything.

How To Use A Toaster? – Video Guide


  • Baking Cookies:

When you like to bake cookies for your snacks then there is no need to heat the conventional ovens. With the use of a large toaster oven, it mainly accommodates the cookies sheet.

In fact, you could also try to slice and break the refrigerated cookie that would save your more amount of time. Baking the individual cakes or muffins in countertop toaster oven is much easier.

  • Quick Snacks:

With the use of an electric toaster oven, it is easier to bake more snack items that include French fries, nachos, potato skins, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, as well as many other appetizers.

When using the microwave, you could only overheat the frozen foods with making it soggier but with the use of toaster oven, it is much easier to make the nice flavor and crispy edge snacks.

The best Toaster is efficient to make mini pizzas, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, muffins and many more.

  • Making Glorified Toast:

Toaster allows you to make the instant toast. Having the basic snacks would be better. With the use of toaster would simply heat the bread and requires the butter and other toppings.

Best Toasters of 2019:


1. Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart ToasterThe Best Overall 2 Slice Toaster

Breville 2 Slice Smart Toaster


Breville 2 Slice Smart Toaster is the ultimate internal smart chip which would lower the bread in toasting slots. Within a single touch, you could regulate the toasting time needed.

When the artisanal bread, pastry or bagel lowers gently in the stylish 2 wide slots, you would be astonished to look at the perfect toasting and how it works.

Breville Smart Toaster uses “a bit more” setting for the bread that would be lowered automatically and raises carriage in the toasting even without resetting or canceling the cycle.

‘Lift and Look’ is also enabled in the toaster that would give you the convenience of enriching your style of cooking.

LED panel illuminates selected setting based on the variable control aspects. Breville 2 slice smart toaster display the toasting progress indicator also lets you handle the counting process in the machine.

The display also lets you know about the toasting cycle left. The Breville toaster would beep when every cycle is complete so the user could know about the process involved in it.

2 Slice Smart Toaster is also made up of the brushed die-cast metal that enables the high-end exterior look. Cleaning the exterior with the soft clothes is also much easier.

The Breville smart toaster has heating elements of about 900 Watts and has 2 wide slots that accommodate the toast, waffles, or bagels.

Breville BTA820XL Toaster has the following functions that include Defrost, Bagel, Reheat, and Cancel functions.

Breville toaster assist plug is also enabled that is easier to plug the cord and removal process. Smart Toaster is also included with the separate space for the cord wrap storage in underneath.

1-touch automation in the 2 slice toaster looks really cool and it is considered as a perfect toaster for the goodness in every kitchen.

When your artisanal bread, pastry or bagel gently lowers in the slots, you would know about the toasting perfection.

LED panel in the device would illuminate upon the selected set with the variable browning control to maximum. End-of-cycle beep illuminates the Best Toaster about the working time and duration.

It has intelligent One Touch Auto Lowering.  The LED Indicator is ideal for toasting process. It not only has 1-1/5-inch-wide slots but also comes with 2 Slice Extra Wide Capacity for all bread types.

There are 5 Settings available in this smart toaster that includes ‘Lift & Look’, ‘A Bit More’, Bagel, Defrost, and Cancel.

It is a 900 Watt 2 Slice Toaster that requires the voltage level of 110 – 120 Volts. It is equipped with instant push-button controls for smooth toasting results.

There is a brushed die-cast metal housing available in the most efficient toaster. The end-of-cycle beep and cord wrap is another important feature of this toaster. The measurement of this taster is 13-1/4 by 8-1/4 (9 inches).


2. Oster 2-Slice ToasterThe Best Budget 2 Slice Toaster

Oster 2 Slice Toaster review


If you want to enjoy your morning time by tasting a crispy breakfast, you can opt for bread toast.

This Oster toaster is an efficient device that can accommodate homemade bread, bagels and much more.  It is because the specialized device comes with 2 extra-wide and spacious slots.

By using this advanced toaster, you can prepare crispy bread toast within a few minutes. When it comes to dual bread guides, they can adjust automatically for accommodating various bread thicknesses.

It helps you to ensure better toasting results. It is essential to know that this Oster toaster features the intuitive dial and simple control panel.

The specialized features bring you a fantastic chance to adjust the toast share easily. Also, you can cancel your toasting process by simply clicking a single button.

There is a high-rise lever available in this toast that will elevate bread toast for simple retrieval. The most impressive thing about this 2-slice toaster is that it comes with a removable and effective crumb tray.

It is an attractive feature of this toaster that makes the cleaning process simpler. When it comes to the anti-jamming mechanism, it is another impressive feature of this toaster that will aid you in preventing jams.

The precise design brings this toaster a timeless appearance which suits almost every kind of kitchen decor. Equipped with extraordinary features, this toaster allows you to toast bagels and others.

The smooth and efficient toasting will allow you to enjoy a great taste.  It is important to know that this toaster is made by using highly advanced technology.

It has better settings that range from light to dark. The unique feature of this toaster allows you to enjoy consistent results continuously.

You can also enjoy an excellent shade and texture of bagel, English muffin, toast or waffle while using this toaster.  It has a sleek design equipped with a smooth metallic finish.

The precise design will actually brighten up your kitchen. By using this branded toaster, you can prepare your morning breakfast and serve it with great pleasure. The long slots and extra-wide slots are great features of this toast that will surely accommodate different varieties of food.

It also features advanced settings and toasting technology to deliver you a consistent result each time.

The 2-slice toaster comes with extra-wide slots that let it accommodate an array of items. The auto-adjusting bread guides are ideal for both consistent and even toasting.

There are roughly about seven adjustable settings available in this toaster. The Bagel option is a unique feature of this toaster that will adjust the thickness time.

The dual auto-adjusting bread guides can easily adjust to the thickness of bread for even and smooth toasting. The main benefits of using this Best Toaster are that it brings you better versatility, performance, and durability.

3. Smeg TSF01RDUS 2 Slice ToasterThe Best High-Design Toaster

smeg toaster 2 slice toaster review


This Smeg 2 slice toaster is a 50’s retro style appliance that will truly add an excellent pop to almost any kind of kitchen.

The most impressive thing about this 2-slice toaster is that it comes with a polished chrome base, powder coated steel body, stain steel ball level knob, and much more.

Every Smeg based toaster is designed uniquely to bring you lasting results and better performance. Another important thing about this toaster is that it is boasting of vintage style.

The nicely polished chrome base and powder-coated steel body is the most attractive feature of this toaster. With the efficient toaster, you can prepare bagels, pop tarts, and bread within a few minutes.

Smeg 2 Slice Toaster is significant to know that this toaster comes with 3 preset programs as well as six browning levels.

The most impressive feature of this toaster is that it is equipped with a multi-function interface. You can reheat the toaster for heating the slices of bread or toast, for continuing toasting.

You can do it when you are not satisfied with the toasting results.  You can opt for defrosting for thawing the frozen bread slices. You can defrost your bagel to a completely brown single side of your bread.

These are the unique features of this 2-slice toaster that has an extensive range of unique features and attractive specifications to deliver better toasting results.

There are two large compartments available in this toaster. These kinds of compartments come with self-centering tracks to ensure completely even toasting of bread slices regarding of its size.

The crumb tray of this toaster has a polished steel tray which is made by using stainless steel. It is easily removable for hassle-free cleaning. There is also an automatic pop-up option available in this toaster.

If the chosen toasting time duration has completed, then the slices automatically pop up the sandwich racks are major highlights of this toaster that facilitate the even beating of your bread slices with suitable filling.

It is possible when a bun warmer actually heats focaccia, brioche or paninis and serves them properly.

Smeg Toaster has anti-slip feet and a removable crumb tray which is designed with stainless steel.  The three pre-set programs are a bagel, reheat and defrost.

The ball level knob is made of stainless steel.  It also includes backlit chrome knob.  The size of these two slots is measured as 1.4″. The built-in cord wrap allows you to enjoy better functionality.

It is ETL listed toaster that requires 950-watt power. The overall weight of this Best Toaster is 5.4 lb. The size of this toaster is 12.09″ D x 7.72″ W x 7.6″ H.


4. Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart ToasterThe Best 4 Slice Toaster

breville 4 slice smart toaster review

If you look for the Best Toaster for your entire family, this Breville Smart Toaster is the right choice for your needs. The Breville 4-Slice toaster comes with the internal smart chip and some other useful features.

It is an excellent facility that will lower your bread slices into tasting slots. To enjoy this functionality, you need not follow any complex procedure. Instead, you can simply click on a button.

Also, you need to regulate your toasting time. When it comes to settings, it will ensure that the break is lowered automatically for extra toasting time.

The Breville 4 Slice toaster has look and auto life feature that increase your break carriage automatically during the toasting process.

In this process, it does not reset or cancel the cycle. It helps you to easily view or cancel a browning process at any instant.

Breville toaster has a LED panel which illuminates entirely based on the chosen setting on variable coloring or browning control. This display can be considered as the toasting indicator.

It also helps you to know the remaining time in your toasting cycle. Once the toasting cycle has completed, them your toaster beeps. It is made by using brushed die-cast metal. You need to clean the exterior of this toaster by using an extremely soft cloth.

The heating element requires the power of 1800 whats. There are four wide slots available in this device that will accommodate toast, waffles or bagels.

You can also enjoy canceling, defrost, reheat and bagel functions. You can read the Breville guidelines for removing the cord easily. If you want to enjoy perfect toast, you can opt for this Best Toaster.

When the artisanal bread, pastry or bagel lowers properly into the four extra-wide slots, then you will surely experience highly engineered performances.

It is essential to know that it is also equipped with some added features including “Life and Look”. This specialized feature makes this toaster unique from others. It is an 1800-watt 4-slice toaster that comes with a smart one-touch auto lowering option.

There are some push-button controls available in this applicant that makes it ideal for toasting.  The LED panel of these devices illuminates truly according to the desired setting on the variable browning control.

The brushed die-cast metal housing features, end-of-cycle beep, cord wrap, and 1-1/5-inch-wide slots are other important features of this device.

The overall measurement of this toaster is 11-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 7-3/4 inches.  The dual toast controls bring you various levels of brownness.

The extra-large capacity makes it ideal for all types of bread. It has 5 settings that include ‘A Bit More’, Defrost & Bagel and ‘Lift & Look’.


5. Oster 4-Slice ToasterThe Best Another 4 Slice Toaster

oster 4 slice toaster reviews

Are you looking for the Best Toaster to get desired toasting results? This Oster 4-slice toaster is a perfect choice for your toasting needs.

The excellent thing about this toaster is that it allows you to prepare the taste which will surely suit all preferences and tastes.

This toaster has 4 extra-wide slots to accommodate English muffins, homemade bread, tea cakes, and even bagels. With advanced and efficient toasting technology, it ensures even, consistent toasting results each time.

When it comes to its dual bread guides, it can adjust automatically for accommodating the break thickness. Also, it helps you to enjoy even toasting.

There is a convenient control-panel present in this toast that has two dials used for adjusting the toast shade.

The high-life level of this device can elevate the toast for hassle-free and better retrieval.  The anti-jam feature will shut the toaster off automatically when a jam will occur.

Oster 4 slice toaster will ensure a hassle-free and safe operation. The cancel settings allow you to easily stop your toasting job at any instant. The 4-slice toasting device has a dishwasher-safe and removable crumb tray that makes the cleaning process simpler.

has brushed finish made of stainless steel.  It will bring a matchless look which will perfectly fit with your kitchen decor.

The best 4 slice toaster is an original performance that is boasting of highly advanced and extraordinary toasting technology. The extra-large slots can easily accommodate various things that range from thick homemade bread slices and bagels to sandwich bread, English muffins or tea cake.

The dual auto-adjusting guides can adjust as required for accommodating the thickness of break.  It will ensure even and better toasting each time. The highlights of this toaster come with two taste lifts which elevate the small food pieces out of your bread slots. It is ideal for easy and safe retrieval.

The removable and convenient crumb tray is used for simple and quick cleaning. These are the unique features of this Oster four-slice toaster that make is a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift ideas.

Also, it appears as an excellent addition to the ensemble of other countertop appliances. With this Best Toaster reviews, you can make your breakfast time simpler.  It has a 4 slice toaster and extra-wide slots to accommodate various items.

The auto-adjusting bread guides are important for both even and consistent toasting. By using this toaster, you can enjoy seven different toast shade settings that range from light to dark.

It has 4 different modes such as reheat, cancels, frozen and a bagel. The retractable cord of this toaster is useful for both compact and convenient storage. And that was the 4 slice toaster reviews of Oster.



Picking the best 4 slice toaster 2019 is not a confusing task now, because the above list of toasters will make the process easier.

It is helpful to read the description and check the key specifications of bread toasters before choosing anyone. The useful considerations not only ease the finding but also help you to choose a highly appropriate toaster for your great breakfast time.

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