How to Buy the Best Toaster

How to Buy the Best Toaster


Choosing correct cooking appliances are hard, and out of all the cooking appliances, Toaster is one of them which is hard to choose. As most of the toaster might end up burning your bread, or even auto ejection stops working after a certain period of time.

Even some of the toaster doesn’t fit all types of bread in their slots, and toaster is price ranged according to their features. The more you want the costlier it gets.

So, we have researched and rounded up a review for you to make any decision while buying a toaster while considering it on the basis of these following points. So enjoy this article on how to buy the best toaster for your needs.

What to consider when buying a toaster:

How to Buy the Best Toaster

  1. Burning Control of Toaster:

The coils that are inside the taster are responsible for toasting your bread, but toaster it more than enough can lead to burnt bread and a bad start of the day.

So, before buying a toaster look inside the toaster slots, if the coils are far from each other, then it is the best choice to get that toaster. As all breads are not similar in size, this will help you to toast uneven bread without burning them.

  1. Power of the Toaster:

Power depends on the toasting time of the bread, the more the toaster has the faster it will toast your bread. This may save some time when you are getting late in the morning for work.

But it also depends on the bread, and average two slice toasters are having 1200 kW power while four sliced toasters are having 1800 kW or more of power.

  1. Size of the Toaster:

Before buying any toaster you need to consider two things, available space in your kitchen and the other thing is a number of family members. The small family will need two sliced or four sliced toaster and large family will need six sliced toasters.

Also, to consider the available space in the kitchen to put the toaster, judge by that and choose your best option.

  1. Longevity of the Toaster:

This depends on the quality, pricing and brands of the toaster. It is also depending on the frequency of cleaning, also do check the models of the toaster and its equipment’s to get the basic idea about the product quality.

Usually,branded appliances are better to choose from, as they may have high prices but also they do provide good quality products for their consumers.

  1. Energy Saving of the Toaster:

Not only you consider the above point, but you also need to think about the energy efficient appliances which will end up saving your energy and from the burden of huge electricity bills.

Try you use it efficiently to save your energy trying to use the toaster as much it is needed, overusing might lead to burning of the coils and damaging it faster which reduces the longevity of the appliance also.

Features to consider while buying Toaster:

We also need to consider the features of the toaster in order to select the best for your kitchen.

  1. Defrosting Feature:

This feature is useful to those who usually put their bread in the refrigerator. This feature first warms the bread before toaster it, which gives us the great result in toasting.

  1. Reheating Feature:

This feature is useful to those who end up not eating the bread after toasting it, and re-toasting it will burn up the bread, so by using this feature only heat up the bread without burning it within a minute.

  1. Crumb Tray Feature:

It collects the loose crumbs which get out of the bread while toasting. It better to have it cleaned to increase the life expectancy of the toaster.

  1. Toast Cancelling Feature:

This is a basic feature which is available in almost all toasters. You can cancel toasting of a bread anytime during the toasting period.

  1. Extra Lifting Feature:

This is one of the most wanted features in the toasting, it is useful for the toasting of small items when you try to retrieve it without burning your hands. Extra lifting helps to toast small items more smartly and easily taken out after toasting.

  1. Bagel Setting Feature:

This setting is used to toast only the side of the bagel or crumpet, and if you are a bagel lover then this is one of the best features you will ever have in your toaster.

  1. Countdown Timer Feature:

This feature is mainly available in the expensive models of the toasters, you will get to see an indicator where it shows how much time is left to toast the bread or whatever you are trying to toast.

So, you don’t need to raise the bread from the slot and check it or re-toast it for proper toasting.

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Toaster Selection according to budget:

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We have to choose appliances according to our budget, we cannot end up buying expensive appliances and which might cause trouble. Mostly, 4 slice toaster are the best option to choose from if you are having a good budget.

But if you are short on budget and having less work space in the kitchen, then you should go for two slice toaster which is great for a small and compact family.


We have reviewed you with the best possible points to consider before buying any toaster. Based on these points and feature choose the toaster needed in your kitchen, as everybody has different types of needs.

Check which brand is giving you the best quality and your most wanted features at the reasonable prices, and buy it or else you might end up burning your bread and have a foul mood in the morning. If you are unaware of safety features while using toasters look at this safety toaster guide.


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