Toaster Buying Guide – Know about your Toaster before Buying

Toaster Buying Guide – Know about your Toaster before Buying

Do you wish to start your morning with crispy, hot, and buttered toast? Well, you have to invest in the Best Toaster.

The toaster is one of the must-have an appliance in your kitchen because it makes crispy and brown toast of 2/4 breads at a time. Once the bread pops up the toaster, you can simply add butter or anything, which you like to make your taste buds happy in the morning.

Everyone knows that breakfast is one of the most important and necessary meals of the day because it gives enough energy to kick off the entire day.

Since the quality of the first meal has a great influence on how the rest of the daylight hours will play out, people wish to eat something healthier.

Even though the breakfast category is quite endless, a toast with eggs and a cup of coffee is the most standard and famous breakfast varieties. If you wish to have toast every day in the morning, then you must invest in the right toaster.

This simple yet effective appliance will do magic in preparing your morning breakfast. Though toaster is extremely convenient and easy to use, it is quite hard to choose the right one among the huge selection.

With the advancement of technologies, the toaster has been evolved a lot and added a bunch of new features, which lessens your work than ever before.

Have you decided to purchase a high quality and affordable toaster in the market? Do you have not any prior experience in buying a toaster?

If yes, then keep reading below to find out more about buying the Best Toaster in 2018 in the market, which meets all your needs and demands.

Features of a Toaster

When it comes to buying a toaster, you may come across several options that are available in different sizes and types. The price range of the toaster also differs between models.

Even though the appliance is at base a simple and easy one, navigating the huge market of toasters can be quite complicated.

No matter, whether you want to replace the toaster you had used for many years or buying a new one for the first time, you must know some important aspects to find the perfect toaster for your kitchen.

Remember that you should look for the following features if you wish to buy the Best Toaster of 2018.

  • Number of toast slots

Keep in mind that a number of the slot will decide the number of bread slices you can able to toast. In general, most of the toaster comes along with two slots, which give either 2 or 4 slices.

In some cases, it also comes with 4 or 6 slot options. As per the number of bread slices you need, you can choose the slot of the toaster. In addition, ensure the slots are long and wide because you may attempt to toast different types of bread.

  • Bagel setting

Do you want to toast one side of the bread? Well, you have to ensure that the Best Toaster has a bagel setting. This setting allows your device to toast only one side of the bread rather than both.

While using this setting, you have to put the bagel facing inwards or else it will toast on the outside. Most of the toasters, which have bagel feature come with an image, which indicates how to place the bagel properly.

  • Crumb tray

At present, many toasters come with the crumb tray, which is extremely convenient as they can remove and allow you to dispose of the crumbs quickly.

With this feature, it is very easier to remove any crumbs during bread toasting. This tray also helps you clean the taster a breeze. Therefore, you need not spend more time cleaning the toaster.

  • Shade setting

Usually, many toasters come with a feature, which allows you to choose how dark you wish your bread toast to be. If you choose a higher shade setting, then you will get darker toast and vice versa.

Try to pay enough attention to the specific model instructions to pick your shade properly.

  • Defrost

Some of the toasters have a feature of defrosting setting, which will defrost your bread and toast it in a single step. Since the feature comes in handy, anyone can use this and freezes their bread easily.

Remember that not all toasters provide the ability to defrost so that you have to look for it before making a purchase.

  • Reheat

The Best Toaster surely offers a reheat feature because it will help you to rehear your food without any toasting or browning. It is one of the best ways to warm up leftovers without dropping the crunch.

Unlike microwave reheat settings, it results in soft reheated food. Some toaster reheat settings take too long or too short to get crispy toast. Therefore, purchase the best taster according to your needs.

  • Cancel

Almost all the toasters incorporate the basic option cancel. This lets you stop toasting mid-cycle. This setting will help you to stop the bread from burning, which you put on high setting quickly.

Apart from these basic features, the Best Toaster comes with some additional features, which make the process of toasting much easier than ever before. To know them, you have to go through the below section.

  • Additional lift

Both old and new toasters include a lift lever, which used to lift food up when it is completed toasting for easy removal.

Even though these levers are quite common in normal toasters, some of the newer models have automatic lifts.

The toaster, which has an automatic lift, will easily lift your toast with a press of the button. This feature protects you from burning your fingers while taking out the toasted bread.

  • Pause toasting

This useful feature is branded as peek and pop, lift and look, and several variations. However, all the variation mean the same thing that is to pause the toasting cycle and let you check how well your toast is done quickly without any need to restart the toasting cycle.

This excellent feature prevents scorched and burnt toast.

  • Bun warmer

The bun warmer may either be a pop-up version, which rises out of the toaster using the flick of a lever or separate rack that clips on the toaster top.

  • Sandwich toasting cage

This slot presents inside the toaster and also has a solid bottom in order to ingredients dripping from them into the slot.

Are you a toastie fan? Well, you can enjoy this additional feature with your toaster instead of buying a separate toastie machine.

  • Countdown Timer

This feature helps you evaluate the amount of time left until the toast is ready for serving. It becomes one of the common features in the common or high-end Best Toaster.

It is also a handy way to check how long you require preparing breakfast or making a cup of tea prior to give your attention to toast.

Difference Between 2 Slice and 4 Slice Toaster: Which you need to Buy?

Before looking up the style and design of the toaster, you have to check the slot size because it defines how much of toast you will get in a single run.

Be sure whether the device is long and deep enough to accommodate a big slice of bread. Additionally, you should choose the slot, which contains a cage holds the bread automatically in the middle of the toasting chamber to make sure browning.

Prior to going with anyone, consider how often you use the toaster and how much space you have in your kitchen. If you are in the market and having confusion in choosing between 2-slice and 4-slice toaster, then read the following things.

2-slice toaster:

Are you toasting occasionally and eating pre-sliced bread? Well, a 2-slice toaster will fit your needs. It is mostly having two toasting chambers i.e. side by side.

Since it is compact, you need not face countertop space issue. It is the most popular and largely used option as it accommodates tow large bread slice. It is cheaper than a 4-slice toaster.

4-slice toaster:

This option is perfect for busy households and families as it comes with four slots. It is quite bulkier and consumes more workspace but you can accommodate four large bread slices at a time.

Now, you can look for the slim toaster, which has two long slots to fit four bread slices for the space-saving alternative.

It offers more flexibility to users because it let you toast on one side and provide two different controls to optimize the toasting time of each bread slice.

Where to Buy Toaster: Online or Offline

Are you thinking about the place to purchase the Best Toaster either it is online or offline? Well, do not worry! Check out the pros and cons of buying a toaster in both online and offline. After exploring them, you can take a decision, which meets your demands.

Buying a toaster offline

So far, people used to purchase anything by visiting the shop in person and enquiring about them before making a purchase.

Usually, they visit at least three to four shops to look for the same product and its price variations. This helps them shop with the shop that provides cheaper price and other benefits as well.

Hence, you can save your money and purchase the toaster, which fits your needs.

You can get the product feedback from the salesperson and even take a demo session. The salesperson will tell you all the functions and its working clearly.

If you have any doubt, you can clear it instantly. Most importantly, you can claim the guarantee without facing any hassles.

However, the downside of shopping offline is wasting time, energy, and selecting a product from the fewer options.

Purchasing a toaster online

Now, the trend of purchase online becomes more popular because it provides several benefits over shopping at the physical store.

If you decide to purchase a toaster online, then you will get a space to look for the widest collection of the toaster in all categories, brands, and types at one place.

You can even use filters to narrow down your search according to the price range and features you look for.

Since you are shopping from your home, you need not waste your time and energy. Along with this, you will have the ability to compare the product price with other shops and sellers and go with the affordable one.

Once you have placed the order, you will get the product at your doorstep. You will also grab discounts, offers, and deals to save on your purchase. At the same time, online shopping also has some downsides such as product damage, the issue in calming guarantee, and so on.

The budget for a Toaster

Before going to shop for a toaster, you have to fix the budget in which you look for the Best Toaster. This will help you narrow down your search and find the best product among the widest collection.

Alongside, it will prevent you from buying a product, which over crossed your needs and budget as well.

Remember that the bread toasters price usually differs based on the number of slots, versatility, and features of the toaster.

Plenty of top brands such as Panasonic, Philips, and others are offering high end and useful toasters for the customers. You can go with the company that fulfills your needs in all ways, especially your budget.


Making a bread toast becomes easy if you find the Best Toaster in the ground. If the toaster is one of the important parts of your regular routine, then you can make use of the aforementioned things to purchase the best one.

Having a toaster will work well and serve the brown toast your life every morning with the less effort is highly beneficial.

To enjoy this benefit, you need to spend some quality time searching for the right product. This will help you stress-free every morning and keep your day pleasant with a healthy breakfast.

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