Types of Toasters: 2 Slice, 4 Slice and Beyond

Types of Toasters: 2 Slice, 4 Slice and Beyond

Toasters may look pretty simple to you. Like they do not look like as a great innovation. However, do you know the fact that the toasters that we are seeing today were not a onetime shot?

In fact the very first toaster was the fire hazards launched in 1905. Following to that the D-12 toaster and Simplex toaster launched in 1913. And then in 1926 the 1-A-1 turned out to be the first pop-up toaster launched in the market.

However, nowadays there are different types of toasters are available. So let’s just go ahead and have a quick look at the types of toasters that we have in the market.

4 Types Of Toasters:

1. Standard Toasters:

standard toaster - 2 slice - 4 slice toasters

A. Design Elements:

The first thing that most of us go through is deciding what type of toaster design we actually need. Moreover, most of the time we take the decision based on two things first the space we have in our kitchen and how many slots do we need.

These two varies from people to people and their tastes. However, choosing a two slot toaster or a four slot toaster is easy to pick. However, what actually matters is the kitchen space. Since most of us live with a kitchen that has limited space.

Hence as a result of adding something new to the kitchen can be a tricky thing. So before you choose a toaster do look around your kitchen and see if you can fit a toaster into it or not.

B. Features/Styles:

A toaster comes with lots of features. Some of the most popular features are the:

  • Slice capacity: A toaster basically comes with two or four slots and the toaster can toast two or four slices at the same time.
  • Bagel settings: Bagel setting is an essential feature for the bagel lovers. However, apart from a bagel, it is also useful for toasting one side of the bread.
  • Crumb trays: This is a not a common feature that we get to see in every toaster. However, this helps in keeping the toaster clean.
  • Defrost setting: This feature useful to those who freeze their bread. However, using this one feature, the toaster first defrost the bread then toast it for you.
  • Shade setting: Most of the toasters comes with this settings. So you can toast your bread lightly or with dark shade according to your needs.
  • Housing of the toaster: The housing of the toaster also matters. Basically, toasters come with a plastic or stainless steel housing. And it directly affects the toaster. If you want to be on the safer side then choosing a toaster which comes with plastic outer surface would be a wise choice.
  • Display: Displays are also a useful thing in a toaster it indicates the shade settings. This helps you to understand when the toast its side. Also, it helps you to pick up the right settings.
  • Reheat setting: This one is also one of the most common settings. This one helps you to reheat your bread without re-toasting it.
  • Lifts: Lifts are also one of the common features. It lifts the toast once it is done. Even there are toasters which comes with a dedicated button.
  • Cancel function: This feature is not something that we get to see in all the toasters. But at times it is pretty useful.

So these are some of the most common features that most of the toasters come with. Also, there are toasters which do not sport these features as well. That is why it always better to do proper research before purchasing a toaster.

C. Sizes:

Coming to the size, well toasters come in different sizes. However mostly toasting slots are about 1.5 inches wide, and if a toaster is designed for bagels as well, then they are bigger in size. Also, the wattage goes from 750 to 1250.

Moreover, the size does not only matter in the matter of dimensions. But it also depends on the features.  So before you purchase a toaster make sure to measure the kitchen space.

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D. Materials:

In the end, talking about the materials, well Toaster is made of stainless steel. However, it also can be made of other stainless steel or a hard plastic housing element. Since toasters are exposed to heat, and it directly affects the toasters. Hence, as a result, it is better to get a durable toaster for the long run.


2. Toaster Ovens

best toaster ovens 2018

A. Design Elements

Toaster ovens are one of the most convenient types of toasters. Because they are not just designed to make toast but to cook a variety of foods as well. Toaster ovens are available in so many different designs.

Even there are lots of people who prefer having a toaster oven alongside of their primary oven. Since it allows them to cook a variety of foods. It also allows them with warm, bake, broil, reheat, defrost and toast and so on.

B. Features/Styles

Toaster ovens come with lots of features. Some of the popular ones are the:

  • Defrost setting: If you cook frozen food then defrost settings can be very useful to you.
  • Basic cooking setting: Basic cook settings is not required for cooking all types of foods. But there are foods which can also be cooked using Toaster Oven apart from the primary oven.
  • Toast shade setting: Toast shade setting allows you to toast your bread according to your needs. It is pretty much like the regular toasters.
  • Reheat setting: Reheat settings can reheat your food without overcooking it.
  • Automatic shut-off feature: If you are an absent minded person then automatic shut down feature can be very handy to you. So you will not end up burning the food.
  • Timer feature: You can also set up cooking time. You can use the timer feature for toasting, baking food and broiling.
  • Temperature settings: Toaster ovens can also come with the temperature settings just like the regular ovens. You can set up a specific level of temperature. This feature comes in handy while cooking for baking food. Interior light feature: This feature comes in handy for two purposes. One it allows you to look inside the oven clearly and keep an eye on the food. Second, it prevents accidental burning.
  • Infrared heating elements: Infrared heating elements comes handy when you want instantly heat the toaster. These come in two types basically which are the near elements and far elements. The near elements can spike the food, and the far elements can cook food’s outside portion.
  • Display feature: Display feature is not a common feature for the regular toasters. A display displays a different kind of information. Such as time and date, time remaining for the cooking process, different cooking settings and so on.
  • Auto cook menus: It is an essential feature. It can help you with defrosting a pizza or you can bake a potato without feeling a need of setting any timer.

C. Sizes:

Coming to the sizes, well toasters ovens are huge compared to the regular ones. The average size of a toaster oven is about 11 inches, 18 inches and 16 inches in height, width and depth.

However, a toaster oven comes with a huge capacity too. You can toast multiple slices of bread at a single time. Or make multiple pizzas at a time. But the thing is that you will need a good amount of kitchen space as well.

D. Materials:

Toaster ovens are mostly built with heavy duty stainless steel. Also they do come with the racks and trays coated with stainless steel. This racks and trays come handy while removing your food from the oven.

Moreover, all the inside and outside parts are made of high quality materials. These top notch materials make sure that you are getting durability and well performance in the long run.


3. Commercial Toasters/Toaster Ovens

commercial toaster oven type

A. Design Elements

Commercial toasters are mainly designed for the commercial use. Also, there are products which are specially designed for the home and individual usage.

However mostly their designs are larger components which are capable of cooking a large number of foods at a time. Also, the parts of the commercial toasters are sturdy.

Since commercial kitchens and restaurants cannot go with low quality products. Hence the quality matters plus the capacity also needs to be huge since they cook a large number of foods at a time.


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B. Features/Styles

Well before we talk about the features, we need to take some things into consideration. These things are the:

For pop-up toasters, conveyor toasters, bun grilling toasters, etc:

  • What are you going to toast? Is it bread, English muffins, bagels, Texas toast, or anything different?
  • Is your kitchen have sufficient space?
  • How many toasts are you going to make within an hour?

Well, the popup toasters can toast English muffins and thinner bread slices easily. On the other sided the conveyor toasters are capable of toasting foods like bagels which are thick in nature.

Talking about the toasting capacity well the popup toaster can toast 500 slices per hour. The conveyor toasters can toast 1600 slices per hour, and the bun grilling toasters can toast 1600 slices per hour.

Coming to the space, well you can get a popup toaster between 13 inches and 14 inches in width and depth. The conveyor toasters come under 24 and 26 inches in depth and width, and the bun grilling toasters are about 25 inches and 18 inches in width and depth. Also, different models cost different electric requirements.

Apart from these things, while buying a commercial toaster. You need to look at these following points:

  • The toasting time
  • The slot size
  • Adjustable heat control temperature.
  • Can be used for heavy-duty commercial and medium-duty commercial purposes.

C. Sizes

If we talk about the sizes, well commercial toasters are different in size. The size depends on the model and manufacturer. However while making a purchase you can also check out the measurements of the toaster. Then you can see if your kitchen has that much of space or not.

D. Materials

Commercial toasters are made of heavy-duty material and come with advanced technology parts. Also, the materials are durable and offer reliability and make sure that you are not feeling a need of replacing or repairing the toaster.

Also, the best part of the commercial toasters is that many companies offer basic repairs for the commercial toasters. This means if your toasters get broken down then you fix it instead of replacing it.


4. Convection Toaster Ovens

Different Types of Toasters - Convection Toaster Ovens

A. Design Elements

Convection toasters are not for the personal home issue. Instead, it is mostly used by commercial places. However, there are people who use convection toasters for even personal home use.

The primary difference between a Convection toasters and a regular toaster is that it comes with a built in fan that creates more heat. And allows you to cook food in an enhanced yet fast way.

B. Features/Styles

Here are some of the top features of the Convection Toaster Ovens:

  • Convection Toaster Ovens comes with 3 different heat sources same as the regular ovens. These sources are the radiant heat, warm air and conduction.
  • It helps in increasing the oven’s temperature and maintains the temperature accurate and consistent.
  • Convection Toaster Ovens are capable of cooking food very quickly.
  • Convection Toaster Ovens helps in removing moisture plus it encourages browing process. This is great for roasting vegetable & meats.
  • Convection Toaster Ovens even allows you to switch off features according to your needs.
  • These types of ovens are also easy to learn and handle.
  • The best part of the Convection Toaster Ovens is that it continuously keeps the food in the same condition.

C. Sizes:

When it comes to sizes well Convection Toaster Ovens are not small in size, but they are huge. However, if you know how to work with an oven, then it would not be an issue for you. Since ovens and Convection Toaster Ovens almost has the same size.

However, still, we would suggest you to go check out the measurements of the Convection Toaster Ovens before picking up one.

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D. Materials:

Convection Toaster are also made of top quality materials and come with impressive high-quality fans. The fans are specifically designed for the Convection Toaster Ovens. Plus they are reasonably priced and offers durability.


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